Don't Waist your time in Lockdown....

So the fact is that we all have a lot of restrictions on what we can and can't do at the moment....But don't let that get you down, as this also is an opportunity in the waiting.

I was thinking this morning as I was getting dresses for my work day that this is actually a time when you can experiment and bust out some looks from our expression wardrobe that have been to shy to come out.... as you are in four walls and safety of your home. Try on that pair of jeans with a gorgeous blouse to start with warm up and get out of your active wear....perhaps put on something that you have had in your wardrobe and have never worn or what ever garments you feel to push some boundaries just a little - like when you were a child an played in the dress up box. Set your self a personal challenge of how hot you can look just for you, swan around in a beautiful gown that you have only worn once....dress in a way that shows your true character and strut that around your house .... watch out for those jealous looks from family and friends when they see you loving yourself - then do it again the next day, and the next. Change your relationship with fashion and use it to confirm you. Bring that sassy divine beauty out in your home, in preparation for bringing in out in the world once we are out of lockdown.

Deepen in your true beauty and make no excuses for the gorgeousness that you are.

This is how I am going to spend my days in lockdown so look out world when I am let out....

Dress by @simone3llis - Chains that Bind

Model @alixlangleymodel

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Music - by Michael Benhayon - GMSounds -